What It’s Like to Run With Google Glass

Inevitably, when you wear Google glasses during running, bystanders will stare at you. People will be looking at you that what are you wearing such glasses. You will feel that people are impressed from your personality and they must be frowning at you to copy you. This is not the reality. They are generally inspired from your glasses. To experience high-tech running, I took my google glasses and went for jogging on Wednesday. It was really good experience. Everyone was staring at me. I was feeling really good.

Presently, google does not offer glasses to teens. They are only available for people over the age of 18. Actually, google has given this privilege to adults for receiving their feedback. The price of these glasses is $1500 and it will plummet when it is officially launched. This is beta program and supposed to be going through testing time.

These glasses have plenty of advanced features like snapping, video recording, calling, message sending, google hangout etc. To use internet, you need to connect with WIFI or Bluetooth devices. Glasses have good battery timing and they can be compatibility with iOS and android.
The idea of developing these glasses is to provide full access to internet while running. Yes, during running you can check stock market tickers, breaking news, emails and many other things. The most important feature of these glasses is that they work on your dictated voice. When you give them a voice command “Okay glasses take me to Hudson River, there will be google map before your eyes. You will be guided street by street to reach your destination.

Apart from this, you can also calculate running time while wearing these glasses. Hence, if you wish to enjoy your digital walk, must use google glasses once in your life.

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