5 Fun Family Activities to Do Before Summer Ends

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Summer is coming to a close all too quickly, which means kids will soon be heading back to school. Before they do, why not celebrate with one last big summer adventure as a family? You don’t have to plan a long trip in order to have family fun. Here are five simple ideas that will take only a day or part of one:

  1. Go to a Baseball Game

    Even if you aren’t a big baseball fan or don’t have an MLB team in your town, you can still head to the ballpark for a minor league or local game. Tickets are generally inexpensive, and the kids will love cheering on the players while snacking on hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn.

  2. See a Movie at the Drive-In

    If you have a drive-in movie theater in your area, it’s definitely worth going for the old-fashioned experience. Drive-ins are great for kids, since they don’t need to sit still and perfectly quiet the whole time the way they’d be expected to at a traditional movie theater. Often you’ll get to see two movies for the price of one, too, since drive-ins normally offer double features.

  3. Roast Marshmallows at Home

    If you have a firepit or grill in the backyard, you can make any night special by roasting marshmallows and making s’mores around the campfire. In a pinch, you can also roast marshmallows over a gas burner, but it can get a little messy.

  4. Go Stargazing in the Park

    Find a local stargazing program if you can, as this will give you access to expert guidance and better equipment (many parks and nature centers run such programs through early fall). If that’s not possible, you can always buy a guide and do your own stargazing night.

  5. Cool Off at a Water Park

    Summer may be almost over from the perspective of school schedules, but hot weather is far from gone. Instead of a regular amusement park visit, consider checking out one of the water parks in your area; these typically feature everything from coasters for adults and older kids to gentler water attractions appropriate for young kids.

There are plenty of family-friendly activities out there, whether you’re looking for attractions near Panama City Beach in Florida, San Francisco in California, or anywhere in between. What other fun family activities do you recommend?

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