Are You Preparing for Your First Summer with an Inground Pool?

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It is still a surreal situation. Back in December you admitted to your wife that you could feel yourself slipping into an unhealthy spiral physically. You knew that you needed to get into gear. The fact that your new inground swimming pool was scheduled to be open by the end of May, and that served as motivation as well.
The gym where you were sometimes working out in the months leading up to Christmas. The fact that the gym had a Cyber Monday deal inspired you to take the plunge and go for the big prize. Initially, you thought that the prize was going to be a healthy you and a decent looking body at the pool with your family come summer, but you knew that there was also a contest was going on as well. You took the plunge and decided that for yourself, your wife, and your children you would be all in.
In the end, in addition to your physical transformation, you now also find yourself in a much better place both mentally and emotionally. You also have a new passion for not only working out, but also eating clean. Winning the cash prize offered by the gym was a dream in the beginning that gave you the drive to get yourself to the gym six days a week. That dream, however, became a reality on the first day of spring. It turns out that your new inground swimming pool could now be accessorized with some quality pool furniture and some awesome pool toys!
Have You Thought About Adding an Inground Swimming Pool to Your Property?

Swimming pool design and swimming pool construction season is in high gear in many parts of the country. For families who hope to spend the Summer of 2017 poolside, in fact, the clock is clicking. As soon as the ground is warm enough to dig inground swimming pool companies jump into action. With a very short window that will allow the pools to be completed in time for the first warm days, it is best to have the designs ready well in advance of the first day of possible construction.

  • More than 7.3 million hot tubs are in operation in the U.S., according to a conducted by Pool and Spa Marketing study.
  • As many as 10.6 million swimming pools are currently in the U.S.
  • Kids love to swim. Having a pool in your backyard gives you the opportunity to have your kids at your home, under your watch.
  • Estimates indicate that 50.6% of swimming pools in America are inground.

  • An hour of vigorous swimming can burn as many as 650 calories.

  • Statistics also show that 47% of swimming pools are above ground.
  • Pools and swimming are the most popular recreational activities for children and teenagers between the ages of seven and 17 in the U.S. Not surprising, the sport of swimming is the fourth most popular activity in America.
  • Lots of families are looking ways to extend the use of their properties. In fact, outdoor entertainment areas grew into a $7 billion industry in the year 2015. This is 4% increase from 2014.
  • All families can find a variety of ways to make use of backyard swimming pools. Some use the space for purely recreational purposes; other families also use their pools for lap swimming and other exercises like water aerobics, still others use the swimming pool as a location where their older teenagers can offer swimming lessons.
  • Swimming is a lifetime sport. Although many people got their start with childhood swim lessons, their love for this activity can be a part of a life for decades. In fact, one of the advantages to swimming is that it is a low impact activity that is easier on joints and bones than running and other high impact activities.
  • Have you thought adding an inground swimming pool to your backyard, instead of paying the high price of joining a private club?

You do not need to be in perfect physical shape to enjoy a new backyard swimming pool, but you do need to have a nearly perfect construction plan in place if you want your new outdoor space ready for the first days of summer!

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