Aw 5-Year-Old Avery Crushes Huge Bass With Barbie Fishing Rod!

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Looking for the best fly rods for beginners? Forget the technical advice, and instead, think pink!

Millions have already watched a new viral video, in which a beaming, 5-year-old Avery reels in her first fish — a 20-inch bass — with her hot pink Barbie fishing rod (and a helping had from dad). The video of the adorable father-daughter fishing trip has already gone viral, thanks to the tiny angler.

The video is sure to bring back happy memories of your first fishing trips with your dad, and the unbridled joy you felt when you hooked your first fish. While Avery struggled to keep the fish in check, and her excitement under control, her dad shouts on words of encouragement.

“I can’t get it,” she says. “You need to help me.”

But dad urges her to reel it in herself.

?You keep going!? he said. ?You got it, you keep reeling! Don?t drop it!?

Spoiler alert: she got the fish, which the pair determined was “Oh my gosh!” inches long. Proud father Ram Mehta posted the video to YouTube under the cool-dad title, “Avery crushes huge bass on barbie pole!”

Serious anglers might scoff at little Avery’s bright pink rod. No doubt you’ve heard a lecture from a friend or salesman about the importance of acquiring only the finest fly fishing gear, the most advanced fly reels, and tying your own flies by hand. But if you’re trying to pick out the perfect rods for beginners, just remember there are more important things than mastering the perfect fly fishing knots or landing the biggest fish of your life.

Instead, take a cue from Avery and her dad, and remember to enjoy yourself. Sure, building up the right gear and equipment, perfecting the art of tying flies, and posting pictures of your catch to Instagram can be satisfying, but they pale in comparison to the job evident on young Avery’s face.

It just goes to show, the best rods for beginners are whichever one your dad buys for you.

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