Become a Landowner and Contribute to National Conservation

Hunting acreage

Are you searching for acreage for sale? There are a variety of reasons why you may be planning to purchase this land, such as one or more of these motivations:

    Creating a wildlife sanctuary
    Having a private hunting and/or fishing property
    Raising and training horses

Whether you’re looking for lakefront property, hunting land, or other types of acreage for sale, there are a variety of available options. In addition to locating acreage for sale with an existing cabin or luxury ranch house, you may be thinking about building your own or constructing other types of structures on your property.

Environmental Contributions by Farmers

When you purchase land, you will be joining other land owners that are doing their part to protect the environment. Farmers, for example, have assisted in preventing water and wind erosion on their croplands. Since 1982, their efforts have accounted for a 50% decline in cropland erosion.

Under a variety of farm bill initiatives, the combined efforts of farmers, ranchers, and other landowners have created over two million miles of conservation buffers. These buffers have the following positive environmental effects:

    Improve soil, air, and water quality
    Enhance wildlife habitats
    Create scenic landscapes

Environmental Contributions by Sportsmen and Women

Sportsmen and women provide a considerable amount of support for the environment. On a daily basis, these individuals alone contribute $8 million to a variety of conservation efforts. As a result, wildlife agencies benefit from these much-needed funds for on-the-ground projects.

Over $7.2 billion in excise taxes have been paid by hunters and target shooters since 2012. This is due to the passage of the 1937 Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act.

For over 80 years, sportsmen from every state in the country have contributed more than $13.7 billion for various projects In addition to protecting fish and other forms of wildlife, there are other positive effects that result from these contributions.

Environmental Contributions by the Horse Industry

There are approximately 7.1 million people throughout the country that are involved in some facet of the horse industry. In addition to being horse owners, these individuals include service providers, employees, and volunteers.

Once you decide on the type of large property you want to purchase, whether it’s ranch real estate or lakefront fishing land, you can also make valuable contributions to preserving the environment.

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