Do You Have a Son or Daughter Who Loves to Play Soccer?

Soccer academy for youth

In the midst of seeing post after post from other parents bragging on their kids’ successes on social media, you have slightly different results to report. After two age group previews and three tryout sessions, you son did not make a select soccer team. You think the process failed to give him a fair, good third look today, you also realize that if he had presented two solid showings, he would not have needed that third look. Knowledge to store away for next time.
Even though he did not make one of the select spots, you are still very, very proud of your son. He had a goal, put himself out there, and went for it… even when he thought he would be the only one of his friends to do so, even though he knew there was a risk of dissapointment. He will keep playing and learning more over the next 12 months and try again. It is so tough to see dissapointment in your boy’s eyes, but you love this boy to pieces and he is still a winner in your book!
Not all of lives lessons are learned in a classroom. In fact, students can learn a lot about grit and determination on the athletic field. And while not every player will be at the top of the heap and earn a spot on the select team, it is important to understand that there is still much to be gained from a soccer training program: work ethic, lifelong fitness, and teamwork
Certified Soccer Coaches Can Teach Athletes the Basics of a Sport That Is Played Around the World
Whether you enroll your son or daughter in one of the available summer soccer camps that are available or you attend youth soccer tournaments year round, the opportunity to work with certified soccer coaches is always beneficial. Knowing, for instance, how to develop your own individual skills while at the same time learning how to work as a team can help you later in life: at school, on the job, or in other sporting activities.
In addition to teaching a great work ethic, another benefit of soccer is in learning a skill that can contribute to your lifelong fitness. It is no secret that an increasing number of Americans have a problem with their weight. Teaching a cild soccer skills at a young age can help introduce the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Not only is soccer a recreational sport that many people can play for many years, it is also a sport that reminds you of how good it feels to shower and relax after a long workout.
Soccer also teaches a work ethic that some people like to refer to as grit. These days, it can be difficult to find students who will work hard at one task. Soccer, though, teaches players of all ages the benefits to be had if you spend time doing the drills, completing the conditioning, and learning the strategy. Whether you earn one of the top coveted spots on a local select team or you simply play for fun, soccer teaches the benefits of hard work.
Consider some of these other statistics about the role soccer and certified soccer coaches play in this country:

  • 284,000 boys in America play high school soccer.
  • 209,000 girls in America play high school soccer.
  • Soccer involves 11 players on each team who use their legs, torso, and head to pass a ball and score goals.
  • 62% of U.S. children indicate that they play organized sports with the goal of interacting with their friends.
  • Soccer players, with the exception of the goalie, travel as many as five to seven miles in a full game. Ultimately increasing players’ endurance because it involves running, walking, sprinting, and jumping, often for as long as 90 full minutes.
  • Soccer players, with the exception of the goalkeeper, move up and down the field throughout the game.
  • Soccer involves 11 players on each team who use their legs, torso, and head to pass a ball and score goals.
  • Certified soccer coaches should have players should warm up before matches and workouts with five to 10 minutes of light aerobic activity, as well as by dynamic stretching in order to prevent injury during games.

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