Everyday Things That Are Way Cooler When Captured by a Super Slow Motion Camera

Phantom flex high speed camera

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then just imagine how many words it takes to accurately describe or convey the emotion of a motion picture or video? It’s true — photography, like so many other forms of visual art, is able to convey emotion in deeper and much more meaningful ways that words ever could. In fact, it might seem kind of futile to even try to explain the way a photograph resonates with you in words. Like music — which itself is another form of art — photography is a universal language that is felt and understood by all. As such it’s easy to see how video footage, especially when captured by a super slow motion cameras, can have the same affect!

If you do any kind of vision research, it’s easy to see how much the art and science of photography has impacted modern life. Take it just one step further, and the impact of videography in terms of entertainment, medical research, the arts, science, and more is crystal clear. Like photography, video footage is able to convey deep emotion, feelings, and meaning with no words. Even silent video footage can be quite moving in more ways than one. And the only way to increase the intensity of video footage and enhance the meaning behind is to slow it down!

Haven’t you ever noticed how much cooler everything looks in slow motion footage captured by high speed cameras, which are just another form of super slow motion cameras? Literally, everything looks and feels so much cooler and more dramatic in slow motion, even life’s dullest and most mundane moments. A person could simply be walking down the street sipping on a drink but when that footage is captured by a super slow motion camera, it takes on a whole different measure of cool and hip.

Here are a few other examples of simple, everyday things that when captured by a super slow motion camera, look cooler and more dramatic than ever.

A slinky being dropped into the air

Everyone remembers a slinky and probably has one lying somewhere around their house. When they first came out, they were big a hit! Although the newness and novelty of the slinky has worn off, they’re still one of the coolest and most memorable toys and collector’s items ever. And the only thing that makes them cooler is watching one in action in slow motion. When a slink is dropped into the air and the footage is captured by a super slow motion camera, it appears to levitate in thin air. Once the spring contracts and catches up to the bottom of the slinky, it falls to the ground. This actually happens with any item that is dropped into the air however the effects are much more notable with a slinky. This just goes to prove that slinky really is a wonderful toy.

A butane lighter be lit

No one really gives a lighter a second thought. After all, they’re pretty benign, everyday, ho-hum items that nearly everyone has. But yet again, if you watch one being lit thanks to footage captured by a super slow motion camera, the resulting display is a lot more dramatic than what your eye can see. In fact, it begins to look like a tiny fireworks display right in the palm of the person’s hand. Tiny balls of molten steel actually jump into the air and explode. And while all of this is happening, the button found under the strike wheel releases and opens a valve that releases liquid butane, which quickly evaporates. The resulting gas is then heated by the molten globs of steel enough for it to break down and rebond with oxygen to form to a flame. But really, you just have to see it yourself to experience how cool it really is.

Your dog drinking water out of a dish

Dogs drink water out of a dish all the time and get water everywhere in the process, but viewing this in slow motion makes it seem a whole lot cooler. A dog’s tongue actually forms a tiny cup!

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