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With all outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing or kayaking, local knowledge is important. Assimilating a whole lot of new information about weather conditions, local regulations, wildlife quirks, and the best places to camp, fish or hike can be a major task, and you may not have a lot of time to do that anyway when heading out on vacation. Which is why it is really helpful to get good advice at the camping supplies store where you go to get your outdoor stuff – ie camping, hiking, fishing and climbing gear.

Camping is more fun if you have the right gear

Camping and hiking are some of the most popular outdoor activities for Americans. The number of Americans who went camping in 2012 was 3 million more than in 2010. In 2014, around 38.05 million people went hiking. Outdoor activities are usually carried out in the company of friends who have shared interests and 70% of all trips are made with friends.

People who camp reported making 4.97 camping trips in 2012. The majority of these campers, or 67%, used public campgrounds, and used their camps as a base for more outdoor activities. Camping is infinitely easier and more rewarding with proper camping gear. Most campers would agree and collectively spend around 1.8 billion U.S. dollars every year on camping needs and backpacking gear.

Local knowledge makes outdoor activities more rewarding

Even if you’ve done all the reach online, studied the maps and read the guidebooks, there are all kinds of things about local conditions that only someone from the area would know. Luckily most stores that sell adventure and hiking gear also have staff who are outdoor enthusiasts themselves. And the one thing they like most after actually being in the great outdoors is talking about them. So there’s a readymade pool of knowledge at the local camping and sports store, where you can find out all about which hiking trails have the best views and the peculiarities of the local wildlife.

Specially if you’re a climber, along with your climbing gear you can a get a wealth of useful information about local conditions, the best and most difficult routes, and of course where to go afterwards to celebrate. Many sports stores also have connections to local clubs, like runners’ or climbers’ club, and can give you useful introductions.

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