Get Your Kids Moving With A Rafting Trip

White water rafting on colorado river

Are you looking for your next fun family vacation? Are you a family that really likes to try new things and be outside? Then rafting trips might be the perfect option for you! Popular spots include Grand Canyon white water rafting and Colorado River rafting adventures, although there are plenty of spots that would make rafting trips a total blast for the whole family. It’ll keep you outside and give your whole family a great chance to bond that they might not otherwise have. Even if you don’t impose a “no phones or technology rule,” being on water might just do the trick anyway! It’ll be a great chance for your family to really talk and spend time together and who knows…you might just meet some interesting characters on the way!
Why Should I Do A Trip Outdoors?
It’s been shown that more time outside can really help your overall health, both mentally and physically. In terms of mental health, goals can be easily set with outdoor activities and also easily met. For example, if you don’t normally hike, but say you want to hike a mile or two miles, and you meet that goal, you feel accomplished! This can help boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.
In terms of physical health, it’s good to get your family moving! All outdoor trips like backpacking, hiking, kayaking, etc., all involve some kind of physical movement. You can help reduce obesity and other issues later in life, like heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer by moving around. In some cases, you can even increase life expectancy — in part, perhaps, because you tend to be happier when physically active and outside!
Worried about how much time your kids spend on their phones or on the computer? Making them “go outside and play” can really have wonders! They’re forced to leave their technology behind and focus on what’s around them. They can hone great observation skills and become more resourceful by figuring things out for themselves, instead of searching for it on their phones.
It also opens up a channel to really talk to them. So often families are distracted by the buzz of the work phone or a text coming in from a friend that it can be hard to pay attention. Going on an outdoor trip can really cut that down, especially with limited cell service or little to no access to Internet. It can be a chance for your family to really reconnect and bond.
Like stated before, for the thrill seeking family, rafting trips can be a lot of fun! But there are certainly calmer waters for people who don’t want the adrenaline rush! For those who love the water, it’s an opportunity to be in and and surrounded by it and really see the power of nature. Around 30% of Americans currently engage in the sport or have stated interest in doing so. You can lose anywhere between 300 and 400 calories by partaking in such a trip.
Choose something different for your next family round of fun! Try rafting and you might be pleasantly surprised!

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