Have you Been Dreaming of Installing a Backyard Pool?

Pool remodeling

It’s the last day of summer for the kids and you are having a hard time getting up enough energy to go outside and enjoy the day. Too hot. Too humid. Tomorrow your youngest starts high school and next week your oldest moves away to college. Twelve hours away! While you and your family just don’t have the energy to head out to the local lake and deal with the crowds, can you imagine how quickly you would all jump at the chance to relax in a backyard pool?

If those death defying waterslides seem a bit too intense for this last day of summer, you can forego the craziness of fighting weekend traffic, paying as much as $200 for tickets and parking for the family, and enjoy your own waterslide in your own backyard.

Now that your children are getting older keeping them and their friends at your own house becomes more of a challenge. An inground backyard pool with all of the bells and whistles might be just what you need to keep them close to home when their schedules allow. You can expect to pay $20,000-50,000 for an inground swimming pool installation, but it is an investment that will last a lifetime. did you know that adding an inground pool to your home will increase the value of your home up to 8% depending on your location?

The lifetime investment of a swimming pool
installation is also easy to maintain. While pools of the past may have been a real challenge to keep up, today’s technologies make pool ownership and maintenance a simple, less than 20 minutes a day, process. With today’s automation, chemical testing and maintenance takes only a few hours a week. When you compare those few minutes a day to the 90 minutes you spend in line for one turn on a slide during peak times at a water park, the investment really makes good sense.

Let’s face it, as your children get older it is sometimes more difficult to get them to spend time at home. Imagine though the lure of fully-customizable swimming pool plans bringing your kids and their friends to your home. You can be a part of their day, their friend’s conversations, and their relaxation in your backyard freeform swimming pool.

In as little as the 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the season, that it takes to complete your swimming pool installation, you can be outside enjoying the pool with your children. And who knows? You might even enjoy the quiet of having the pool to yourself when they are all off to school just as much!

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