Hosting a Wedding Brunch

For the families of a modern bride and groom, there is a lot to think about with the upcoming nuptials, from getting a caterer to booking the venue to hiring a band, florist, and photographer. One of the more enjoyable activities before the big day, meanwhile, is hosting a brunch right before or after the wedding to celebrate the union of two families, and this can be a less stressful event than the wedding itself. Hosting this meal and gathering means choosing from a wide variety of dishes and drinks, not to mention where to host the brunch and what activities, if any, the families may do together. Some factors may dictate exactly what the families may do, based on location, time of year, the venue itself, and the faiths or ethnic identifies of the families involved. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Chinese, Greek, and many other kinds of families may have different preferences on what to eat (and what not to), and the venue can be one of many different classy locations such as public golf courses, a holiday brunch in a log cabin resort, a Sunday brunch for Christian families, and much more. Indian weddings, for example, call for Indian traditions such as clothing and food, and Indian weddings can also be great fun for friends of the families and bride and groom to attend. How can the perfect wedding brunch be held?

Brunch and Wedding Parties

Weddings and the celebrations before and after them are deeply entrenched customs, and there is a generous amount of data to see what trends are out there for brunch and weddings, and for particular customs like Indian weddings or Jewish ceremony traditions. Brunch is fairly recent among all these traditions; it began in England, and it started to become popular in the United States as well, about 30 years later, and is now largely popular in both nations. And for unique wedding customs like Indian weddings or Chinese, a recent survey found that brunch can often accommodate ethnic foods. 67% of respondents said that ethnic-inspired brunch and breakfast foods, anything from Chorizo scrambled eggs to coconut milk pancakes, are hot trends for restaurant menus for the year 2015.

Families planning brunch can choose to either prepare the meal themselves or visit a restaurant, such as at a public course for golf or some other luxury stay. Some families with specific dietary needs or restrictions may coordinate with the staff to make sure the meal is authentic; for example, Jewish families may contact a resort’s kitchen staff ahead of time to plan for a kosher brunch or other meal, and Muslim families may do the same for a halal brunch. In some cases, if the families’ brunch or other meal requirements are strict or complicated, they can prepare the brunch themselves, and this can be great fun, and allow the families to work together and provide for each other with their own hands (and the meal will definitely be authentic). Indian weddings can easily be proceeded by an authentic Indian lunch.

Find the Destination

Where to host a brunch is a matter in itself, aside from the meal. As with gathering people from both families for the ceremony, hosting a brunch will mean coordinating with everyone involved and make sure that travel, expenses, and personal needs are met. Out of town guests staying in hotels will appreciate transport to brunch with taxis, buses, or other family members providing a car, and the size of the brunch party will also dictate where they should go. Some restaurants or unique wedding places (and the restaurants near them) may not have the tables or the kitchen staff for a larger brunch, so the organizer of the brunch should have the total head count in mind and share this information with anywhere they want to book a reservation. This way, the restaurant will be prepared, and there will be room for everyone.

As a bonus, if there are enough golfers in the families, having brunch at a golf resort means that during the stay, some people can have a game together, and everyone else can watch and/or visit other attractions on site, making a brunch an even more fun and memorable day for everyone.

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