Planning for Summer Already? Try These Three Outdoor Family-Friendly Activities

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Although it’s still cold in many parts of the country, the beginning of the year is also one of the prime times for families to begin planning their summer vacations. After all, most families need to make hotel and flight reservations as soon as possible in order to get a great deal. However, there are other options that may be less expensive and even more fun for the whole family than a stay in a hotel, and it will make for a memorable outdoor adventure, as well.

The great outdoors are the perfect place for an active and exciting vacation for the whole family, and sometimes the wilderness is just a short drive away. Here are three activities you may want to plan for once the weather warms up:

    1. Hiking: Whether it’s just for an afternoon or you make a whole weekend of it, hiking is an American pastime. More than 38 million Americans go hiking each year in expeditions that range from a trek through the woods to several days rock climbing and roughing it on the side of a mountain. No matter which option you choose for your family, make sure to get plenty of hiking gear, including safety equipment, before you go.

    2. Fishing: Fishing is a popular activity that provides both relaxation and food in nature. It’s a great learning experience for the kids, and it makes for a calm summer day on the lake, too. Make sure to stock up on plenty of supplies at a camping and fishing shop, where you can receive advice on the types of fishing poles, line, bait, and other supplies you and the kids will need. Your typical fishing shop will sell supplies for fishing and other water activities, such as scuba diving and swimming gear.

    3. Camping: Finally, no trip into the outdoors is complete without going on a camping trip — something that around 43 million Americans take each year. Today camping can be as simple or comfortable as you would like, with everything from camping tents to full-sized RVs providing accommodation in the wilderness. A camping trip also gives children the chance to learn about nature and participate in multiple outdoor activities. Be sure to stop by a local camping and fishing shop to pick up essential camping supplies.

Want more great outdoor adventure ideas or need information on finding all of your camping needs? Leave a comment below. Read this for more.

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