Shake Up Your Family Vacation This Year Invest In A Used Boat For Fishing, Swimming And More

Custom boats

Summer may not be here yet, but that’s no excuse not to start planning out your next vacation!

Families the country over are hashing out their future road trips, ideal vacation spots and favorite cabins to make sure they’re totally covered for what the hot season has to offer. If you and your loved ones are fans of the water, looking into pontoon boats for sale might be your new best idea. Custom boats are a fantastic time for adults and children alike, offering opportunities to fish, swim and just appreciate the sights on your own terms. Pontoon boats for sale are going fast, so brush up on what makes these such fantastic additions to camping so you can get a head start!

Who likes to boat? Quite a few people, really! The United States is home to some of the world’s most beautiful lakes, bays and rivers, with entire sub-cultures devoted to the art of taking to the water and living life to the fullest. It’s estimated over 87 million American adults will use boats for recreational purposes, which is nothing to say of professionals and budding professionals! Recreational boats are generally split into five easy categories — you have your inboard boats and outboard boats as well as sterndrive boats, sailboats and personal watercrafts.

The development of recreational boating in the United States is an interesting one, indeed. It’s estimated as many as 13 million people who live in a household own at least one boat, with 2015 seeing 10% of all people with a yearly income of $200,000 or more owning a boat and using it frequently. The total amount of boats sold in 2016 was a rather impressive three and a half million, with pontoon boats for sale starting to see a surge in popularity for their convenient size. Whether you have a huge family or just live with your dog, this boat rental can’t be beat.

The main distinction between a pontoon boat and any other classic model you can think of is its size. Small and inflatable, these are perfect for small families, couples and individuals alike. They’re extremely durable and are used primarily for casual boating and fishing in the States. They can, however, be further customized to better suit your needs. This includes being fitted with umbrellas, chairs and tables to create a fuller boating experience. How would you customize your boat? The sky’s the limit!

Used boats for sale combine the very best in price without skimping you on quality. These models are carefully analyzed and retrofitted before being put out to market, so you’ll never have to worry about getting your money’s worth when you start stocking up for vacation. Boats between 36 and 45 feet were sold the most back in 2016, considered the ideal size for families while still being easy to store during off-seasons. A study published early last year saw nearly three million people stating they plan on buying a boat within the next 12 months or less.

Maintaining a boat in the long-term is also not as hard as it sounds. In fact, it’s even easier than taking care of your car! Those that want to boat in the ocean need to take extra care to rinse off any remaining salt water to prevent gradual corrosion, that of which can affect your boat’s appearance and put it at risk of getting damaged early on in its lifespan. Just like you would your car, changing your boat’s oil on a regular basis and occasionally taking it to the shop will do wonders for keeping it around for the long haul.

Like camping? Want to shake things up this year? Pontoon boats for sale will have you and your family covered.

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