Three King Salmon Fishing Tips You Need to Know

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King salmon fishing trips in Alaska are like no other challenge you’ve ever faced. Growing as large as up to 100 pounds, Chinook can put up quite the fight, which is why you need to come prepared. Here are a few of the best river fishing techniques experienced anglers use when taking Alaskan fishing trips.

Go When the Weather Is Right.

Salmon prefer low light conditions, which means that overcast days are prefect for salmon fishing. Dawn and dusk — the “magic hours” — also provide perfect lighting conditions for catching salmon, too. Although timing and patience might not seem like a couple great river fishing techniques, they do help. If there’s nothing you can do and the day is too sunny, try casting into the deepest parts of the fishing area.

Try Drift Fishing.

One of the best, new river fishing techniques is drift fishing. Basically, it involves casting bait upstream, and letting it drift naturally over a pool or area where salmon might be. These sorts of river fishing techniques are great because they produce a more natural presentation to salmon, making them more likely to bite.

Get the Right Gear.

You’re going to want to get the right hooks, and the right bait before you go king salmon fishing. Since their jaws are pretty thick, you’re going to want to get the sharpest hooks possible. As for bait, use roe (eggs), which is a tried and true salmon bait. Although having the right gear might not seem like one of the best river fishing techniques, it’s important enough to warrant mentioning.

Before you go king salmon fishing, remember that you need to go when the time is right, to drift fish, and to have the right gear. Otherwise, you may walk away empty-handed. If you know of any other effective river fishing techniques, feel free to share in the comments.

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