Three of the Biggest Fish Ever Caught in Alaska

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One of the main reason so many anglers take Alaskan fishing trips each year isn’t only because of the challenge the fish in Alaska offer, but also because of the sheer size of the fish in Alaska. Here are just a few of the biggest caught fish in Alaska.


A couple years ago, an Alaskan fisherman caught a record-setting rockfish that weighed 40-pounds, was 42-inches long, and was over 200-years-old! That’s right — someone caught a humongous rockfish that was almost as old as the United States. In 2013, Henry Liebman reeled it in from a depth of about 900 feet, and didn’t know what he’d had until he brought the mammoth fish ashore.

King Salmon.

People love king salmon fishing in Alaska, and have been able to catch some real monsters. The biggest king salmon ever caught weighed a whopping 126-pounds, and was caught in 1949 in a fish wheel. The largest competitively caught king salmon weighed 97-pounds, and was caught in 1985 on the Kenai River by Les Anderson. Each of these fish in Alaska were over a staggering five-feet-long.


Last summer, 77-year-old Jack McGuire caught a 482-pound Halibut in the Alaska Panhandle port of Gustavus. Unfortunately, though, it did not break the record, because of how it was caught. It’s dangerous to pull massive halibut aboard small boats, and to avoid any dangerous issues, the boat’s captain shot and harpooned it before pulling it aboard. Since the International Game Fish Association rules ban the use of any tools other than a net or gaffe for landing fish, it unfortunately did not break the record. Technically.

These are just some of the monster fish in Alaska that have been caught. Who knows? Maybe you’ll catch one even bigger than these guys’ hauls! If you’d like to know about any others, feel free to share in the comments.

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