Three Reasons to Make Ireland Your Next Travel Soccer Destination

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Athletes who play team sports not only need to perfect their individual skills, but also must learn how to be a team player. While this comes naturally the more a team plays together, team bonding activities are a helpful way to allow teammates to bond and become closer as a unit. Odds are most teams have participated in some type of team bonding event, such as a team scavenger hunt or team retreat. These are both great ways to help players get to know each other, but these activities typically last a day or two at most. Participating in soccer travel tours gives players the chance to play soccer in a foreign country while spending quality time with their teammates. Some of the best sports travel trips are Ireland soccer tours for many reasons:

  1. No Language Barrier – One of the greatest benefits of Ireland soccer tours is that players don’t have to worry about picking up a few survival phrases in a new language. Taking a trip to another country can be a bit overwhelming, especially for young players, and not being able to communicate with people can add a great deal of stress. With English as the predominant language, getting around, asking for directions and even striking up a conversation with Irish citizens is very doable.
  2. Location – Everything comes down to location, and Ireland happens to be in an ideal place for international travel. The country is in close proximity to other countries in the United Kingdom, allowing teams to travel to places like England or Scotland in the same trip. While soccer is the most popular sport in Ireland, it’s hard to beat watching a professional match in England. When time permits, teams have the opportunity to travel to England to see some of the greatest teams in the world compete.
  3. Cultural Excursions – Ireland has a rich history and unique landscape, and while the entire country can’t be seen in one trip, teams can explore some of the country’s greatest cultural attractions while they’re there. Custom soccer tours can be designed to take teams to unforgettable sites like the Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, the Blarney Stone and Dublin’s many attractions. While playing soccer and competing against international teams is the heart of the trip, it wouldn’t be complete without experience the many great sites Ireland has to offer.

These are just a few of the reasons that make Ireland soccer tours the ideal trip for a team bonding experience. With a great deal of history, unique culture and love for soccer, Ireland has it all.

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