Wakeboarders Say a Bigger Wake is Better

Ballast system

There are 12.7 million households in the U.S. that own a boat. Many water sports use boats, including water skiing, wake boarding, wakesurfing, and tubing.Water sports have become increasingly popular. in 2015, 13.8% of the U.S. population ages six and up participated in water sports. Interestingly, 19.5% of Millennials participate in water sports. Water skiing used to be the preferred watersport. Water skiing is where the rider glides smoothly across the water. Of course, humans always challenge themselves to do something bigger and crazier.

The first official wakeboarding competition was held in 1990 in Orlando, Florida. To wakesurf, the surfer trails behind a motorboat on a small surfboard typically about five feet long. Alfonso Corona created a design that was patented for wakesurfing some 20 years ago in 1997. Wakeboarders still keep asking how to create a bigger wake.

Wakeboards are usually smaller than wakesurf boards. They typically measure between 130 and 147 centimeters in length or 4.2 to 4.8 feet. Boat speed and line length are very important. Wakeboarding ropes are usually longer than wakesurfing ropes. The ideal wakeboard rope length is between 52 and 78 feet. In wakeboarding, The skill desired is how to create a bigger wake behind the boat.

You have to make the boat go faster and make your line longer. That is how to create a bigger wake!
Having the right equipment and
weight on the boat makes a big difference in the control and reaction of the waves. There are several surf systems for boats that are considered essential boat accessories for serious wakeboarders.

A wakeboarding boat sits low and plows through the water at low speeds. This pushes huge wakes that can even rock boats around it. They are considered the terrors of the water, sort of like a shark prowling the next victim. Those on nearby boats don’t always appreciate the big wakes that they produce.

To get the biggest wakes, you need a wakeboard-specific boat with a wake-producing system. However, you need a ballast system. Why do you need a ballast system? A wakeboard boat ballast system stabilizes the boat and provides greater maneuverability. It is essential equipment if you want to make the wake bigger and also to have a wave control surf system.

If you want to do more than just wakeboarding, look for ballast systems that are suitable for other water sports too. Other boaters will appreciate your knowing how to make big wakes when you are out away from them. Then when you are going into shore, you need to know the rules so you don’t get cussed or sued for injuring others with your huge wakes.

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