2 Most Interesting Stadiums to Visit on Your Next Soccer Tour


It is estimated that 27% of all trips taken in 2012 mainly revolved around a sporting event, a number that rocket up to 90% if it’s general sporting activities under consideration. This figure indicates how gradual international soccer tours is growing. Whether you are a sports fan, sportsman or woman, especially in the game of football, there is always the interest of seeing matches being played live on the pitch. Well, most of the sports fan who’ve attended live matches can really define that feeling. It’s thrilling yet exciting. It’s intense and most of the times emotions run wild, especially if the team playing is close to your heart.

Now, have you ever envisaged yourself under one crowded place, with thousands of people screaming their hearts out, clapping and stamping their feet, jumping up and down, and doing all sorts stuff a passionate fan does? Of course, you have. Isn’t that a great idea you should probably try when you finally decide with friends to have a soccer tour? Besides, there are thousands of sports travel destination around the world with amazing venues and ideas. One great idea is the European Soccer Tours around the football stadiums.

Here are 2 most famous European Football Stadiums you should visit.
They offer nothing but the best soccer experience any football fan dreams about.

Old Trafford
This piece of creative architectural design is the home of English football Manchester United F.C. It’s a stadium with rich history not only for the Manchester community but also its fans around the world. Old Trafford offers a memorable soccer experience, which you’ll reminisce many years to come. When thinking of European Soccer Tours, this should come to mind whether you are a die-hard fan of Manchester United or not.

Camp Nou
When capacity matters, Camp Nou defines it all. This being the largest stadium in Europe, it’s no wonder soccer lovers finds it to be brilliant sports destination point. Camp Nou has the capacity of hosting 99,354 people comfortably seated or standing. Obviously, Barcelona fans will prefer to stand, notably when Lionel Messi is doing his magic touches around opponents. Located in Barcelona, Spain, this stadium has a rich history of quality football players who’ve inspired the love of football in many people. What you must love about this stadium is how thrilling emotions can get.

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