What Does it Take to Become A Certified Scuba Diver

Scuba diving certification dc

One popular certification type is that of a scuba diver. It is no wonder that scuba diving lessons are seeing such popularity. Recent research shows that, in 2015, 3.27 million people were actively scuba diving in the United States. It is easy to wonder what steps are actually needed to receive your scuba diving certification. In this post, you will learn what a typical course path for scuba diving certification looks like.

  • Step 1 Basic Knowledge Training: The first aspect of most scuba training classes won’t have you in the water so fast. A vast majority of the beginning stages of scuba training will revolve around learning instructions. In addition, there will likely be quizzes or test administered to ensure you have retained the content.
  • Step 2 Shallow or Confined Diving Tests: This is the phase of a scuba water course where it is time to get into the water. Where these dives are performed will depend on the setting of the scuba training environment. Outdoor locales may have those learning in more shallow ends of the ocean. Other business may have indoor pools that are dedicated to this second phase of training. You can expect to find a mixture of people in your scuba classes. One study reported that, in 2014, entry level divers were 65 percent were men while 35 percent were women. The Netherlands boasts the largest amount of certified scuba divers, with one out of every seven citizens being certified!
  • Step 3 Open Water Dives: At this point, you have likely received a lot of scuba diving lessons. In this third phase, you will be ready to complete dives that will more accurately mimic real world conditions. However, you will be shadowed by an instructor. Help will always be there should you need it. The aim of scuba diving lessons are to ensure you truly retain what you are not taught. You should never head into a scuba diving course, only aiming to rush through it.
  • In closing, there are usually three important phases to most scuba diving lessons. The first phase will likely be based in some form of a classroom. You will be presented with materials and shown information relevant to becoming certified. Also, you can likely expect assessments in order to ensure that you retain course information. The next phase will have you diving in a controlled and usually shallow environment, like a swimming pool. Finally, you will complete a series of dives that are structured to be more like real world situations. However, you will have instructors and staff to guide you through each step of this process.

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