3 Tips for Deciding When to Buy a New Football Helmet

How to clean a football helmet

Millions of kids make the decision to get involved in organized sports for schools, clubs, and teams all across the country every year. In fact, approximately 36 million do so to be exact. Determining what youth sport they choose will ultimately depend on a variety of factors, not the least of which is their basic individual preference, but no matter what sport the choose virtually all sports have necessary equipment that’s required.

Despite recent backlash against the National Football League due to concussions and violent injuries that can occur during the sport, football remains the most popular sport in America in terms of viewership at a professional level. It’s also one of the most popular for school kids to play.

Just like any other sport, football gear is needed to play the game. Arguably the most important aspect of football equipment is football helmets for adults involved. There are various types of football helmets, but one of the biggest questions is knowing when to buy a new football helmet. Here are three tips for determining when to buy a new football helmet.

  1. Damage or Structural Issues: First and foremost is of course the safety and integrity issue. If it’s your first helmet you need to know how to get fitted for a football helmet. If you already have one, it’s important to regularly check it for damage from big hits or normal wear-and-tear. Deciding exactly when to buy a new football helmet will depend on your discretion, but if there is any noticeable damage it’s best to play it safe and buy a new one in order to protect a child’s safety. Approximately 87% of parents are worried about injuries in youth sports and knowing when to buy a new football helmet can help make it safer.
  2. Aesthetic, Comfort and Odor Issues: Knowing how to clean a football helmet can go a long way in prolonging the lifetime of a helmet. Skids marks, scratches, missing/overused padding inside, and distasteful smells from old sweaty helmets are all pretty good signs that you’re in need of a new helmet.
  3. Joining a New Team: Although it may be obvious, another reason to buy a new helmet is if you switch teams and need to match the colors of your new squad.

Knowing the exact time of when to buy a new football helmet can be difficult, but with proper inspection and regular upkeep you can help prevent injuries from occurring.

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