Want To Purchase A Firearm? Sign Up For A Tactical Training Course First

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Gun control in America has been a hot button issue for many years. Due to increasing gun violence and an ever-changing political and economic landscape gun safety courses and firearms training have become more necessary than ever. The purpose of a gun safety course is to instill tactical training and conscientious behavior in the minds of the wielders, to better encourage a safer and more confident community overall. If you or someone you know has considered purchasing a firearm, look below to learn more about firearms training and where you can get started.

Did You Know?

Let’s start off with some quick facts about gun-owning and crime in the United States. The year 2014 saw 34% of households owning at least one gun — it’s estimated 32% of adults own a gun, with 18% owning a handgun. In the United States a property crime occurs every four seconds on average, while a violent crime happens every 26 seconds. Total estimates of gun ownership add up to 270 million million civilian firearms. Some working and travel programs offer sponsored tactical training courses to prepare their workers for potentially dangerous situations.

What Is A Gun Safety Course?

A gun safety course, also known as a firearms training center or pistol training, involves learning the safe and responsible usage of owning a firearm. There you will go through a rigorous course on the ins and outs of managing your weapon responsibly, from learning the most essential rules for gun safety as well as additional self-defense measures such as hand-to-hand combat. These classes were implemented to reduce gun-related fatalities and injuries and are required in most states before you can legally possess a firearm. The year 2012 there were over one million violent crimes, many of which committed with a firearm. Although a gun safety course will teach you everything you need to know, it doesn’t hurt to have a refresher so you get off on the right foot.

What Are Basic Tips I Should Know?

While taking a gun safety course will take at least a few weeks, if not a few months, there are a few tips you can internalize to get off on the right first. Rule number one of gun safety is to always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction — for example, pointing the gun in a direction that would not cause injury or damage even if it were to accidentally go off. Although movies are a very poor lesson in gun safety (indeed, the majority of gun play in films are exaggerated for dramatic effect), one of the few times Hollywood gets it right is in showing gun wielders pointing their gun at the ground when not engaging. It’s also imperative to know where to store your gun for your easy access in a dangerous situation while keeping it out of the hands of both intruders and children.

Where Do I Get Started?

Before you invest in a firearm you need to familiarize yourself with your local rules and regulations. Each state in America has different requirements for owning a standard-issue pistol and rifle and, as such, you need to be conscientious when and if you go out of state. Washington state gun laws, for example, allow open carry only in a vehicle with an associated license. California, on the other hand, is more restrictive and will only allow the sale of a handgun after the passing of both a course and written test. Guns may be dangerous, but with some prior knowledge and a mindful attitude you can make the world a safer place to live.

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