5 Things to Do for the Best Camping Trips Ever!

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Back in 2012, 74% of Americans reported camping in a public campground. As one of the most popular summer activities for families, camping is a huge hit each and every summer. But it’s not just about pitching a tent and then sitting around doing nothing, right? Take a look at seven things to do on camping trips so that you can keep your friends and/or family busy!

  1. Hiking– Hiking is one of the most popular things to do when camping. You’re already in the great outdoors, you may as well explore them too! Don’t forget good shoes, a backpack cooler for snacks and water, and a first aid kid just in case!
  2. Hunting– This really depends on where exactly you choose to camp, but if it’s permitted, this can be a great bonding activity for the men of the group at least.
  3. Fishing– Again, this depends on where you camp, but 38 million Americans enjoy hunting and fishing, so it’s definitely a worthwhile activity! Keep a bait cooler on hand if you’re making a day out of it, and make sure you double check the regulations for the area you’re in; nothing ruins a trip faster than being arrested.
  4. Swimming– If you’re camped out along a lake or a pond, this can be an all-day activity that kids will love! Splashing around, keeping cool, and maybe having a picnic along with it makes for a perfect day.
  5. Campfire stories and singalongs– This is one of the best parts of camping! Gather around a fire at night and tell ghost stories or sing campfire songs. Your kids will be sure to remember this part of the trip for years to come.

One last word to the wise: make sure that any food you’re bringing is locked up properly! Any failure to comply with that rule could result in your food and camping license being taken away, as well as a fine of up to $5,000. Will you be camping this summer? What are your plans?

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