More Than a Tackle Box Fishing Trip Checklist for your Father/Son Fishing Trip

Alaskan fishing trips

Planning a vacation of any kind can be rather overwhelming. However, planning a guy’s fishing trip can also be challenging due to the various supplies and tools necessary for fishing, hunting, and camping. If you are among the 55 million Americans planning to take a fishing trip this year, consider a helpful guide to help you pack.


Each person in your father/son fishing trip will need their own pole. While this may seem obvious, it is also important to choose a rod designed for the specific fish in Alaska. Considering you may be catching King salmon, you will need a rod that can safely support up to 100 lbs of fish. Try out a few different rods to ensure they are comfortable in your hands.


Of course, every rod needs a reel, but there are many reels on the market. Choosing one can become daunting. However, be sure to invest a good amount of money into your reel, which will ensure it stands the test of time for a future vacation lodge trip. Opt for a durable spinning reel, which can handle larger fish. This is important since catching trophy size rainbow trout and Dolly Varden in the Kenai River is common. These fish can grow up to 30 inches long, making them an exciting goal in your Alaskan fishing trip.


In addition to a good quality rod and reel, you will need heavy duty fishing line for Kenai Alaska fishing. Choose a strong line that is designed for larger fish if you want to break the current world record. In 1985, the world’s largest king salmon was caught in the Kenai river. Weighing in 97 lbs, you know the fisherman had a durable, high quality fishing line on his reel. Using this heavier line will make sure your rod, reel, and line do not break while bringing in your salmon.

Fishing Vest
Thankfully, the average boat used in salmon fishing tours is 37 feet long, so you will have room for all the necessities. However, each member of your tour should have their fishing vest. These vests are specifically designed for fishing trips since they offer numerous pockets for quick access to important supplies. From fishing lures and extra line to your smartphone for taking quick pictures, the vest is a must-have for your record breaking Kenai river fishing.

Cooking out, relaxing in luxury log cabins at a vacation lodge in Alaska, and sharing river fishing techniques are all part of a father and son fishing trip. Using this guide, you can rest easy in knowing your child was part of the 10 million youths between six and 17 who took a fishing trip in 2013.

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