A Case of the Blues How to Reuse and Recycle Old Custom Blue Jays Jerseys

Custom white sox jersey

If baseball is America’s favorite past time, then fashion comes in a close second. A love of baseball and the freedom to express that love by sporting custom athletic jerseys is a way of life for many fans. You can watch this scene unfold at any tailgating party or at any sports bar, where there is bound to be a sea of custom jerseys.

But all things, the test of time can do a number on your favorite custom jersey. This is especially true if it’s experienced a lot of wear. Even brightly colored jerseys such as custom Blue Jays jerseys can lose their impact over time as their color fade.

So what’s a baseball loving guy or gal to do with their old custom Blue Jays jerseys? Well when life hands you lemons, it’s time to make lemonade. With this exact mindset, you can avoid coming down with a case of the blues over the loss of your old custom Blue Jerseys journey, and repurpose it into something even cooler.

According to the Council for Textile Recycling, the average American tosses out nearly of clothing and other textiles each year. So instead of letting your old custom Blue Jays jersey go to waste, try out these fun ways to keep the game going.

It’s all about the tote

The versatility of tote bags is what makes them so awesome, and you can create one that looks as good as it works by using the fabric from an old or worn out custom Blue Jays jersey. Jerseys that are vintage make for an even cooler look, but any kind of old or worn out material will do. Tote bags are great for going to the game, hauling groceries, or a day at the beach.

Sleep on it

Even if you don’t consider yourself a master seamstress, making a pillowcase using your old custom Blue Jays jersey is actually pretty fail proof. Jersey pillow cases are a great way for fans to keep the game close their heart and their head! Jerseys that over sized also make for great body pillows!

A work of art

If your old custom Blue Jays jersey hold a lot of sentimental value to you, then you may want to consider having it preserved and framed. This is great way to pay homage to your team or to the fan that who wore the jersey, and the framed piece is sure to compliment any game room or office.

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