I Want To Learn How To Grill Meat Which BBQ Pits Should I Buy?

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There’s little quite like the scent of a delicious BBQ on the breeze.

If you’ve never owned a BBQ pit before you may find yourself a little intimidated by the maintenance that goes into it. You need to consider what kind of meat you want to grill, the coals you should use, where to put it…it’s a lot to consider. Pit smokers, however, come in enough sizes and styles to fit just about any taste. Meat smoking is a mouthwatering way of topping off any party or holiday event, so put any fears to rest by learning about what you should expect from your BBQ pits for sale.

Did You Know?

Pit smokers and grills are as American as apple pie. The U.S. Census Bureau found nearly 80 million Americans reporting regular grilling back in 2016, making this one staple that will remain firmly in our hearts for years to come. The four main styles of barbecue as we know it are Memphis, Texas, Carolina and Kansas City. Although a grill can cook all sorts of food, its most popular selections are beef, pork, chicken and fish. Potatoes, various vegetables and even certain fruits can be tossed on to add some variety to an already perfect meal. BBQ pits for sale come in custom varieties and standard models.

How Many People Own A BBQ?

Homeowners love smoking and grilling their meat. The Hearth, Patio And Barbecue Association (or HPBA) found an impressive 75% of American households owning a smoker or a grill. The most popular day for whipping out the grill is the Fourth Of July, with studies showing nearly 90% of people actively planning outdoor cooking events to commemorate the holiday. Other common uses of custom BBQ pits are birthday parties, family gatherings, coming-of-age ceremonies and pool parties. When you catch a whiff of freshly grilled burgers and simmering hotdogs, you know you’re in for a good time.

What’s The Main Difference Between A Smoker And Grill?

You may find yourself a little baffled by all the different terms on the market. The primary difference between a smoker and a grill is the method that goes into cooking your meat. A grill offers you more variety while cooking, allowing you to simmer slowly or whip something up at the drop of a hat. A smoker uses less heat and is known for having a much stronger flavor as a result of the smoke. At the end of the day it all depends on your personal preference and what kind of events you’ll be using your equipment for.

How Do I Grill My Meat Safely?

Food safety is paramount to getting the most out of your grill. Even meat that appears well-cooked can still be unfinished, putting both you and your visitors at risk of contracting a number of diseases. The U.S. Food And Drug Administration saw nearly half of all people surveyed admitting they never use a thermometer when cooking chicken. Keep in mind ground beef and pork should be cooked until the meat reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. When in doubt? Use the thermometer in the thickest part of the meat to check for consistency.

Which BBQ Pits Should I Get?

With a little practice you can bring out the potential in your grill and create some truly memorable meals. Custom smoker grills come in different colors, sizes and styles, though it’s recommended you choose a smaller one when starting out. BBQ pits for sale can be easily maintained just like any other kitchen equipment, with even large models requiring 20 minutes or less to be scrubbed clean. Make sure you get rid of any leftover food bits and soak your grates for the really tough jobs. Turning on your burner to the highest setting for 15 minutes or so can burn off excess residue, too.

The very best smoked meat needs the very best pit smokers. Check out BBQ pits for sale, get in touch with your roots and learn about all the ways you can grill your way to a more memorable year.

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