Buying a Boat

Water is a source of recreation for millions of Americans every year, and a number of sports and activities are possible on lakes and along the beaches, such as wakesurfing or wakeboarding for any sports enthusiast, and many Americans also have privately owned boats of all types for cruising the waters, whether for fishing, hosting a party, or just sightseeing. Fishing boats, for example, may have gear on board such as live fish buckets, fishing poles, and lures and their storage boxes, and such boats may be pontoon boats that offer enough width and sitting and standing space for fishing. Other water enthusiasts may want narrower, more powerful boats for speed, and anyone who wants to get used boats for sale can visit secondary market sellers, and someone looking for a newer model can look for brand-name dealers and sites like a Powersports dealership or others so they can find the right bargain. Arctic Cat dealers may also have boats or their accessories or repair equipment for any owner to purchase. Whether visiting a private seller, a Powersports dealership, or another site, anyone looking for a boat can keep current boating trends in mind, and be on the lookout for the right details when making a purchase, especially for used boats.

Boats and their Owners

Boating continues to be popular, especially since about 95% of all Americans live with in a one-hour drive of a body of water where a boat could be used. Most often, it is middle class households that have a boat, seeing as 72% of boat owners will have a household income of under $100,000. The industry is strong and may grow in the near future; sales of new boats and other boating items is expected to grow 10-11% from $8.4 billion in the year 2016. Similarly, sales of power boats were projected to grow 6-7% in the year 2016, and they may climb even higher in the near future. And if a person has an Arctic Cat dealership or a Powersports dealership nearby, getting the right bargain there can easily put someone into the boating community. Searching online for “Powersports dealership near me” plus the buyer’s home state or city can help them find the nearest dealership, as well as its address and directions to it.

What to Buy

Someone going to an Arctic Cat or a Powersports dealership can buy either a new or used boat, and there are advantages to each. A new boat will cost more, but it will be up to current standards in construction materials, safety, and features, and having never been used before, will certainly be in good shape. What is more, a new boat will still have its warranty in place, something that can help a buyer set their mind at ease. Some of the most popular and powerful models may be found at a new boat dealership.

Someone buying a used boat may trade in the advantages of a warranty and perfect maintenance for a good deal on a used vehicle. If the buyer is smart and knows what to look for, and what to avoid, he or she can find a very good deal on a used boat that is in reasonably good condition, and some boat enthusiasts can easily make do with a used boat and may not feel the need to invest in a new model. In this case, a buyer must perform inspections and tests in person to make sure that a used boat for sale is a good buy. There is more to consider than the price and discounts; a used boat must be worth the purchase. The buyer may inspect it in person and check for any wear and tear, such as cracks or holes in the hull, barnacles or mussels on or inside the boat, damage to the seat upholstery, chipped paint, worn out boat carpets, or any other such issues. The boat should also be taken for a test ride, to make sure that the engine works well and puts out enough power. If the engine stalls, gives off smoke, or seems to be under-powered, there may be a maintenance issue, and the buyer should consult the owner about diagnosing the problem and potential fixes.

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