Taking A Look At The Continued Prevalence Of Skateboarding Here In The United States

From the all terrain skateboard to the electric powered skateboard to even the electric off road skateboard, there are many different types of skateboards that are currently available for purchase here in the United States – as well as in many other places all throughout the world. Skateboarding is commonly practiced among many groups of people, from adolescents to adults and among boys and girls alike. For many people, skateboarding such as on an all terrain skateboard is both a creative outlet as well as a physical one.

And just about everyone in the United States could be getting more physical activity than they already are, this is almost a certainty. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that less than half of all adults (only about one third of them, if you’re looking to be a bit more precise) are getting the recommended two and a half hours of weekly exercise on a regular basis. In addition to this, it has even been estimated that only around 5% of the adult American population is even getting up and active on a daily basis, getting stuck between commuting, sitting at a desk all day, and commuting again, leaving far too little time for physical activity and expression.

And while one might think that children are better off in regards to physical movement, this is unfortunately simply not the case. In fact, up to one third of all kids in the United States are not getting any physical activity at all on a daily basis. Not only can this lead to a higher risk for becoming overweight or even obese in children of all ages, but it can actually also lead to a lack of essential brain development, as physical movement and play is critical for forming gross and fine motor skills by the time that a child reaches the age of six.

Skateboarding such as on an all terrain skateboard or even a remote control longboard (or remote control skateboard, for that matter) can be a great way to incorporate some physical movement easily into just about anyone’s day. Much as biking can replace many forms of transportation, so too can the typical all terrain skateboard. In fact, an all terrain skateboard can often even sometimes do more than a bike, providing for more agility and ease of movement than even the best of bicycles can allow (though, of course, this will vary from case to case, from bike to bike, from all terrain skateboard to all terrain skateboard).

Skateboarding often provides a great deal of challenge, as skateboarding in and of itself can be quite a difficult task requiring a considerable amount of physical dexterity. However, much of the joy of skateboarding, no matter what type, is mastering new tricks and skills. For children and adults alike, this facet of skateboarding can help to build not only problem solving skills, but skills surrounding perseverance and determination as well, which are, of course, important qualities for just about anyone to have in order to be successful and happy in their lives, not just in childhood or in the area of skateboarding, but all throughout them as well. Of course, learning such new skills will also likely improve physical condition, strengthening muscles and even increasing overall flexibility and endurance in those who work on their skateboarding skills on a regular if not very regular or even daily basis.

And skateboarding can provide a considerable sense of community for many people as well, community that can follow them for many years of their lives. From simply having a shared passion to helping one another with becoming better skateboarders, many people within the skateboarding community throughout the entirety of the United States have formed deep and lasting bonds with one another, bonds that extend far beyond simply the matter of skateboarding alone. For many people, skateboarding is certainly about more than just the actual practice of getting on a skateboard and doing tricks and using it for transportation (though these are certainly all important aspects of it here in the United States and beyond).

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