Don’t Get Caught in the Wilderness with Your Pants Down! Three Tips for Successful Cabin Life

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Did you know that, according to the American Camping Association, upwards of 43 million Americans go camping each and every year? Camping affords us the opportunity to reconnect with nature, to disconnect from the noise of our daily lives, and, if only for a day or two, replace the daily stress that we typically inhale with fresh air.

How we camp has been changing for some time now. While it’s true that there are plenty of people who still stuff their packs with their sleeping bag, tent, and food, tying their favorite river fishing rods to the outside just in case they come across open water, many others prefer the comforts of the various types of log cabins that are now available for rent across the country.

While lodge rentals provide an undoubtedly pampered experience when compared to camping in a tent or lean-to, even a luxury log cabin rental experience can quickly go awry. With these simple tips for a more fulfilling lodge rental experience, you can be sure you only make good memories.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cabin Rental

  • Look into the Cooking Situation
  • For Southern Living, there are few things as important to a successful lodge rental experience as being able to eat well. One of the keys to eating well is finding out exactly what sort of cooking tools you’ll have available to you. Many luxury rentals provide barbecue grills, but it’s more typical to have only an electric range inside the cabin to cook with. Call ahead to find out exactly what will be available. That way you know exactly what type of food, pots and pans, and eating implements to bring with you.

  • Make Sure You Leave the Cabin
  • It might seem like a no-brainer, but you need to be sure you leave your lodge rental every now and then. Why? As Apartment Therapy writes, cabin fever is a real thing. If you let it set in, it can ruin the rest of your trip. If your lodge rental is on hunting land or offers fishing excursions, be sure to make the most out of them. The last thing you need is to stress yourself out on what should be an amazing vacation.

  • Bring Things to Keep You Busy
  • Similarly, if you know there aren’t going to be any outdoor activities to keep you engaged, be sure to bring something along. Reading, writing, drinking, and board gaming are all tried and true activities that can make your cabin camping experience more relaxing, while simultaneously helping you to avoid transforming into “The Shining’s” Jack Torrance.

Do you have a lot of experience with cabin life? What tips would you give the newbies out there? Share your advice in the comments below. Research more like this.

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