Soccer Can Be Used As an Effective Ministry Tool

Ministry of youth affairs and sports

Are you a soccer coach who is interested in serving as instructor at youth soccer camps that also serve to instill important values in the players who attend? Perhaps you are a parent of a young athlete who wants to attend quality youth soccer clinics that also focus on the value of ministry of sports.

If either of these is the case, it may make sense to look into involvement with soccer mission trips and other soccer ministry programs that use the lessons learned through the sport as a means of sharing and receiving spiritual truth as well.

One of the reasons soccer is so effective in this way is because it is so hugely popular both in America and internationally. During the year 2012 alone, it was approximated that 3,020,633 soccer players were active in this country. Among team sports that are played in America, it is ranked third in popularity.

Abroad, soccer’s ubiquity and relevance is overwhelming, This never more apparent than during the World Cup, a competition among nations every four years that constitutes the largest tournament of its kind.

If you have questions, concerns, comments, or recommendations regarding the ministry of sports in general or soccer ministry programs specifically, you may share them in the section below.

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