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Oops- did you spend over budget on the wedding dress (okay, and the shoes, and the vintage decor, and the venue)? If you don’t plan on returning any of those items- and why should you if they look fabulous- it may be time to try and cut costs elsewhere. The average total cost of a wedding in the United States is approximately $28,082, that adds up to be a $40 million price tag for all weddings in the U.S. combined. That’s a lot of money, and it’s no wonder that brides these days are trying to cut costs any way they can, and most have decided that wedding party rentals are the way to go.

The average cost of wedding reception rental equipment in the United States is $1,385, which if the grand scheme of things is just a drop in the bucket (think about how much that honeymoon cost!). Here is a simple list of essential wedding supply rentals and the cost breakdown.

Round table rentals You don’t want your guests to be standing while eating, right? It’s best to figure out what size tables you want (36 inches to 60 inches). On average, the tables will cost you around $8-$12.

Wedding chair rentals A list of wedding party rentals wouldn’t be complete without chairs. Most wedding chairs are foldable, yet fairly sturdy. Depending on the style of chair you want and the material you want it in, the costs could range anywhere from $2-$12 per pop.

Table linen rentals Many people often order the tables, but forget the linens! Make your table presentable; the table cloths will set you back around $10 a piece, but they’re worth every penny.

Dance floorDance floor rentals are very popular because, let’s face it, who wants to buy those anyways? These can range between 12 by 12 feet to 30 by 30 or larger. Best find out who which guests like dancing. The floor will cost about $300.

Tent Affordable tent rentals are hard to come by, especially if you plan on having a large wedding. Prices range so greatly that it would be best to do some online research and find a reputable, yet affordable company.

There are about 3,245 party rental supply businesses located in the U.S. and the rental industry itself generates an estimated 2 billion dollars worth of revenue annually. Wedding party rentals don’t have to be expensive; you may end up only shelling out $1,000-$1,500 total- and that certainly makes up for spending the big bucks on that gorgeous dress.

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