5 Vintage Wedding Essentials you can Rent

Party tent rental

Who wants to go to a wedding party with no place to put down your toasting glass? What if there were no chairs at the ceremony? Or no lights to turn on when you celebrate into the night? Wedding party rentals are always a good decision to make when planning for the big day — and they don’t have to break the bank. The average cost of wedding reception rental equipment in the United States is $1,385, with the average total cost of a wedding amounting to $28,082.

With over 34,600 people employed in the party supply rental industry, they know a thing or two about what rental supplies are trending, so here is a list of vintage wedding supply rentals that are essential for your vintage dream wedding to come true.

  1. Vintage books Decorations and ornamentation have always been a key element to pull together any wedding, but did you know you wedding decoration rentals existed? With vintage-inspired weddings, more people are finding that the look of old books adds color to your tables.
  2. Specialty seating Wedding chair rentals are one of the most popular rented items — and for good reason, people need to sit! To get a vintage look, mismatched chairs from a party rental company are the new trending topic this year.
  3. Tents Wedding tent rentals are on the rise as outdoor weddings have become more popular in order to achieve a rustic or vintage feel. Rent a few tents for your guests to meander through during your reception and add some soft lighting for dream wedding feel
  4. String lights Wedding party rentals wouldn’t be complete without the lights. As you celebrate into the night, be sure you have some wedding lighting rentals in order to see your significant other! String lights and bulbed lights are the most popular this season.
  5. Mismatched tableware To achieve the ultimate vintage look with a chic flair, renting tableware — the more mismatched, the better — should be a high priority on your list of items. Don’t bother trying to purchase all of that china just to use for one night.

Wedding party rentals don’t have to be plain old white, many companies have options for pops of color and different styles to meet a theme you have in mind. Do some browsing and see what you can rent — you may be surprised how many renting options you have.
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