How to Clean Your Floors the Right Way

Cleaning rubber floors

Floors — sometimes you can’t live with them, but you certainly can’t live without them unless you plan on moving soon to a hut in the woods. In which case, packed earth it is. For the rest of us, floors require continual care. Not only are stains very easy to see because of the traffic floors experience, but replacing any type of flooring tends to be expensive. Here are a few things you can keep in mind about keeping those floors clean.

Tips for Hardwood Floors

We all know the difference between a hardwood floor kept in great condition, and one that reminds us of the gym floors in our beat-up elementary school. You want to keep those floors shiny and long lasting, rather than dull, scratched and warped. Key to this is fairly frequent dusting, sweeping and mopping. Sweeping keeps off abrasive agents that will wear small scratches into your floor, and your mop should be damp, not wet, so as to avoid potential warping. According to the DIY network, teabags can be used for giving a shine to floors, thanks to the tannic acid.

Tips for Rubber Floor Cleaning

Although rubber isn’t a traditional surface for bathrooms or kitchens, it is popular for both weight rooms, indoor sports surfaces, and for playgrounds. Rubber floor cleaning products are the best choice, as cleaning products intended for other surfaces could potentially ruin the rubber. Mild soap solutions will be okay with rubber. Similarly to hardwood, these surfaces should also be swept in order to keep away abrasive particles.

How to Clean That Old Stained Carpet

Often, people moving into a previously owned home have to deal with that bane of banes: an old stained carpet. Over time, dust and everyday dirt can turn a bright carpet dingy. You can bring it back to life by mixing borax with two parts cornmeal in order to create a powder that will both deodorize and remove stains. You can then treat remaining strains with a diluted vinegar solution. A carpet cleaning machine can also be used to get up the remaining dirt.

Do you have tips for cleaning outdoor rubber playground mats? Let us know in the comments. Visit here for more information. More like this article.

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