The Case Behind Restrictions on Sports Betting

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You may already know the Nevada is the only state in the US where sports gambling is legal, regulated and taxed, and also that New Jersey and Delaware are taking active steps to legalize sports betting beyond NFL games and horse racing in Delaware and casinos and racetracks in New Jersey. But with sports betting making up 13% of all gambling worldwide, many people– both gamblers and non-gamblers– are wondering why the US doesn’t ease up on its sports gambling restrictions.

There certainly are benefits to allowing those expert betting picks to come to fruition. For example, sports betting helps bring over 30 million people into Nevada yearly and it creates thousands of jobs. Every US state allows some form of gambling, ranging from sports betting to casinos to scratch-off tickets. The obvious result of government-regulated gambling is that profits can be taxed (bad for the gambler, sure, but good for the government), so it seems odd to some people that the government wouldn’t want to take advantage of the gambling industry even more.

Perhaps one of the more compelling arguments for looser sports gambling restrictions is that it doesn’t seem to be a fad that will disappear any time soon: about 67% of all college kids engage in sports gambling and teens as young as 14 take part in sports betting. ABC News recently published an article discussing the highly popular (and highly illegal) online sports betting trend in many East Asian companies that seems to have been encouraged by global sports events like the current 2014 World Cup; many people familiar with sports betting agree that such global sporting events only seem to grow bigger each year.

Despite the strong presence of sports betting worldwide, there are many who still believe that it should be completely illegal because it only encourages faith in “Get Rich Quick” schemes without employing any useful skills; many people have also linked sports gambling to other criminal activities.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you probably disagree and you wouldn’t be crazy to do so. Collecting all of those expert betting picks– be they daily NBA picks, free MLB picks, or expert NFL picks– takes commitment and thorough knowledge of the sport (or sports). Finding and understanding expert betting picks takes more than good luck. The fact is, Delaware and New Jersey are in the midst of gambling reforms and this is something that can affect everyone, regardless of how much they gamble. These changes can either have great results or disastrous results; it’s up to us to decide how these changes will play out. Learn more about this topic here:

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