Interested in the Tennis and Squash Community in Your Area? Here’s How You Can Get Involved and Get Active

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Are you thinking of playing tennis or squash in your city? There’s nothing quite like playing a racquet sport, and these activities are both prestigious and accessible in many areas. The reasons to join in the fun of tennis and squash are numerous, and they include the benefits of good cardiovascular health and improved self confidence, to name just a few. These sports also provide an opportunity for half a pound of weight loss for every three to four hours played per week, so those in need of weight management are in luck, too.

However, trying to find the perfect place for tennis and squash lessons and competitions can be confusing if you are presented with many choices. If you are looking to join in a community of squash and/or tennis players, here are a few things to keep in mind on your search:

    1. Take tennis and/or squash lessons. This tip is especially useful for those just starting out, but anyone can take advantage of the learning opportunities nearby. Basic tennis lessons make tennis for beginners of all ages and skill levels an accessible option. For those who have played one or both sports before, there are usually clinics and fitness drills available to help you hone your skills.

    2. Join a racquet and tennis club. There’s nothing quite like the tennis and squash community offered by sport and health clubs. Being a part of a group that plays these sports on a regular basis can give you the support you need as you develop your fitness routine. Additionally, many of these clubs offer membership perks, tennis and squash training clinics, and expert consultations to perfect your game. Joining a club also helps you meet new people, and they often give you access to other services, like saunas and massages if needed.

    3. Check out local tennis and squash tournaments. Finally, one of the best ways to join the tennis and squash community in your area is to compete. There are usually competitions available at the amateur and professional levels, and they are appropriate for everyone from children all the way to senior citizens.

For more information on your local tennis and squash community, clubs, and events, be sure to search the web for courts near you. You can also leave a comment below if you have other questions or concerns. More on this:

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