What to Buy for That Kid You Don’t Know That Well This Holiday Season

Lacrosse gift ideas

Everyone has that one kid in their life who they don’t know that well but are still expected to buy a Christmas gift for. Maybe its a significant other’s niece or nephew who is too young to even actually have a personality or maybe your best friend from high school’s kid who is really broody and never says a word. Everyone has one and every year people struggle with what to buy for this kid that they barely know. Two words: sports gifts.

Sure, it might sound kind of weird at first if you aren’t sure of whether or not the kid actually plays them. But they’re actually a pretty good shot in the dark. More than half of boys and girls these days are involved in organized sports — even as young as three years old.

Maybe you pick up a couple of personalized tee shirts. For some reason kids love things with their own names on them (maybe it takes a few years to grow out of that type of narcissism). Custom tees will also make the gift seem more perfect for the kid than perhaps it actually is. Just make sure you get the name spelled right.

Custom shirts are also pretty practical. Even if a kid doesn’t play any sports, they still have to wear shirts, right? And since kids are sloppy, messy, and attract stains, you’re actually doing mom and dad a favor. If there are two kids you have to buy for — even better. Find customizable shirts and put their last name on them. Just like a sports team right? “That’s so thoughtful and clever” they’ll say.

Basically, if you’re going to resort to sports gifts for kids and you aren’t sure which sport they might like, get the shirts. Custom gifts almost always seem more thoughtful than they are, and chances are that kid is going to be involved in some sport or another. If not, it might inspire them which is a good thing since athletes are more likely to go to college and get degrees.

Do you have any other ideas for gifts for kids you don’t know that well? Let us know in the comments. Helpful info also found here: www.chalktalksports.com

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