Kickball Made SUPER Simple!

While most people are familiar with the American pastime of baseball, not many are familiar with kickball. The sport is easy to learn. You can watch the YouTube video, PE.

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Games – Kickball to understand the basics.

Kickball is a sport native to America. The unique sport borrows most of its elements from baseball, while also blending elements of soccer and softball. Although the sport is popular in schools and children’s clubs, it also has a large fanbase among adults, with no shortage of adult kickball leagues across the country.

The main objective of kickball is determining a winner through a high score. Players achieve this by kicking a ball and running the bases. While the other team attempts to catch the ball, a runner must try to reach the home plate safely.

The winner can safely run to the home plate whenever the ball crosses the outfield boundary. However, if the other team catches the ball, it’s an out.

Most kickball games last six innings. However, teams may agree to prolong the games if they agree. A team should have between eight and 11 players. Kickball is an exciting sport that people of all ages can enjoy together.

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