Planning Your First Salmon Fishing Excursion? These Tips Are for You

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As a fisher, there are a number of fish you feel compelled to check off your checklist. Small and large mouth bass are the prize of those in the American Northeast. Rainbow trout, catfish, and sturgeon are the Finger Lakes’ version of gold. One fish that every angler wants to catch, whether they grew up Kenai River fishing or their local body of water was something a bit less illustrious, is the salmon.

Every year, more and more fishers are heading to Alaska to take advantage of salmon fishing trips. The reason these Alaska fishing trips are so popular is simple enough: the Last Frontier plays home to three different species of salmon, the most prized of which is the king salmon. The king salmon is the state’s official fish, and with flesh that is tender and flavorful, it’s not very hard to see why.

If you think you’re going to sign up for one of Alaska’s famed salmon fishing trips and catch a king right off the bat, think again. Not only are salmon smart little swimmers, they’re also armed with a natural defense against anglers. Make sure you’re prepared with this simple guide to a successful Alaska fishing vacation.

Three Tips for Successful Salmon Fishing Tours

  • Only the Sharpest Hooks Will Do the Job
  • Not many people know that salmon have thicker jaws than many other popular game fish. As the online guide to fishing Fishing Tips Depot details, this thick, armor-like jaw makes it difficult to set a dull hook. That’s why if you’re planning on taking salmon fishing tours, you need to either buy new hooks before you go or sharpen your current hooks. Otherwise, you’re not going to have much luck.

  • Trolling is a Good Thing When You’re on Open Water
  • One of the most effective techniques for pulling up salmon, particularly when you’re fishing from a boat, is plug trolling. Tether your favorite plug to your line and secure the rod to a holster on the boat. Set the boat at a quarter throttle and just let your line pull — or troll — behind the boat. This method makes your plug act as a real fish would in the water, making it far more attractive to any salmon that swim by, as Go Salmon Fishing, an industry guide, details.

  • Always Bring Your Waders
  • Forgetting your waders is a rookie mistake that even the most experienced anglers continue to make. Whenever you go fishing, you need to always bring your waders with you. This is especially true when you’re hunting down steelhead or salmon. Sure, you’re likely to spend a lot of your time on a boat looking for that prized catch, but salmon’s natural spawning behavior means they spend a lot of time swimming up streams. With waders, you can cast yourself into the heart of the action on your salmon fishing tours, improving your chances of pulling something up.

Do you have any tips for first timers heading on salmon fishing tours? Share them with us in the comments below. Read this website for more information.

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