Turn Your Home into the Perfect Fishing Cabin with These Simple Tips

Kenai river fishing trips

Did you know that, according to the Alabama-based news site AL.com, fishing is more popular in the United States than ever before? If you’re an avid angler, the increased popularity of fishing is likely no surprise to you. After all, what’s better than taking a group of friends on a trip, renting a few fishing cabin rentals, fishing, eating, and drinking for a weekend?

Unfortunately, you always have to come home from your trips, leaving your favorite cabin behind — or do you? What if I said you could live the cabin life at home? With these simple fishing cabin decor ideas, you can easily transform your man cave into a fishing lodge, holding yourself over until you can finally get back to your favorite fishing hole.

Fishing Cabin Decor Ideas for Transforming Your Man Cave into a Fishing Lodge

  • Stick to Natural Bed Covers
  • For The Rustic Home Decor Guide, the worst thing you can do when trying to capture that cabin aesthetic is fill your space with tacky, fish covered everything. One of the worst examples of this is using sheets and comforters covered in trout or some other colorful fish for a couch or bed cover. That’s not how a real fishing cabin looks, so why would you think this faux fishing cabin decor is a good idea?

  • Hang Some of Your Favorite Tools
  • One of the main design features of classic fishing cabins is the fishing gear stored in cabinets along the walls. Build a small rack to hold your favorite river fishing rods on the wall, install a hook for a lifejacket or some waders, and if you have a big enough space, consider housing your canoe in the room to complete that rustic, slightly messy look that so many of us love about fishing cabins.

  • Hang Vintage Photos of Your Favorite Body of Water
  • As the fishing cabin decor retailer Cottage Surroundings points out, few things say “fishing cabin” quite like vintage photographs showing off the area in times gone by. You don’t even have to buy these. Simply take a few pictures of your favorite spot on your next trip, change the color filter to black and white or sepia in your editing program, and then print them out to your desired size. Done and done.

Did you remodel one of your rooms to make it look like your favorite luxury log cabins from your fishing trip? Tell us about some of the fishing cabin decor you used in the comments below. Learn more.

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