Taking A Closer Look At The Importance Of Martial Arts In The United States And The World As A Whole

Physical movement and activity is hugely important for people of all ages, both here in the United States and all around the rest of the world as well. Unfortunately, a lack of physical activity has become hugely prevalent in this country. Among people of all ages, a sedentary lifestyle has been adopted, something that very much contributes to the rising rates of obesity. And as many people are well aware of, obesity can all too easily lead to a number of health problems.

And this is a problem that is only becoming worse, as only about one third of the adult population is considered to be at a healthy weight. In addition to this, a considerable percentage of children are now encroaching on unhealthy weights, if they’re not already there. And while children who have surpassed the age of two should ideally be getting an hour of exercise at least once a day (according to the American Heart Association), most children are not.

After all, electronics have become quite prevalent all throughout the United States, so much so that more than half of American parents are worried about how frequently their children are using them. This fear is warranted, as the average kid will spend as many as seven and a half hours using electronic devices. In most cases, TV watching takes up most of this usage, but smart phones and tablets (along with other devices) have become hugely problematic as well.

Simply encouraging a kid to get outside and play often isn’t very effective. For one thing, many parts of this country experience less than ideal weather for outdoor play at various points in the year. During these periods, many children become housebound, for the lack of a better word. Enrolling a child in a class, such as a Brazilian jiu jitsu class or even a tai chi class, can be a great way to get them up and moving at least once throughout the week.

From the typical Brazilian jiu jitsu class to mixed martial arts (also known as MMA), martial arts of all kinds have become widely popular all throughout the United States. In fact, the data gathered on the subject backs this up, showing that more than three and a half million people over the age of six participated in some form of martial arts here in the United States alone. In the next year, more than two million people participated in a form of martial arts, such as a jiu jitsu class, for the purposes of fitness alone.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is ideal for people of all ages, and can not only improve actual physical strength but mental discipline as well. And enrolling a child in a Brazilian jiu jitsu class can end up doing wonders for their self confidence. For many people, taking a Brazilian jiu jitsu class can spur on an entire lifestyle change. But the typical Brazilian jiu jitsu class is certainly not the only type of martial art out there.

Tai chi classes, in addition to your typical Brazilian jiu jitsu class, are quite popular all throughout the United States. Tai chi has, after all, a long and prominent history, originating as many as 2,500 years ago on the continent of Asia. In the years since, it has become adapted to the modern world and enjoyed by people all over it, from the United States to Europe to its country of origin.

Tai chi is particularly popular among the elderly population, at least here in the United States. It can promote not only just bettered physical well being and strength, but better balance as well. In fact, this is seen in as many as half of all those who participate in such ancient martial arts. For many elderly people, engaging in martial arts, even just a Brazilian jiu jitsu class once a week, can help to improve overall physical stability. And for many, this is likely to lead to increased independence for longer, even throughout much of the process of aging.

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