The Differences Between Tennis Court Materials

Whether you’re looking to set up a tennis court at your local community center or even in your own backyard, the tennis court materials you use can make a difference in its overall quality. Choosing the wrong materials to start with can result in a poor-quality court that will need frequent and potentially expensive repairs. How do you know if you’re picking the right materials to start? Understanding the differences between tennis court materials can help you make the right choices for your tennis court nets and other tennis supplies and equipment.

What To Look For

  • Durability: All tennis courts, regardless of where they’re set up, have to be designed to withstand heavy use. Most tennis courts will host many players and tournaments, and durable return nets, court materials, and other components will help your court withstand regular use.
  • Quality Materials: While the average casual tennis player might not notice the difference between a cheap court or more luxury materials, an athlete who knows the sport well will be able to differentiate between materials. Don’t cut corners on cost at the expense of a poor court.
  • Low-Maintenance: All tennis courts, one way or another, are going to require maintenance. Picking the right materials, including netting, can reduce how much time you have to spend on your regular court maintenance.

What To Avoid

  • Extra Expenses: While having all the added bells and whistles for your court can be nice, you shouldn’t spend too much on these before tackling tennis court materials. Look for the basics first: a nice court and a quality net you can set up. Tennis net should be placed 3 feet (0.914 meters) outside of the court. Prioritize the essentials, then come back for more.
  • Cheap Equipment: While it can be tempting to pick the most affordable options available, cheap doesn’t always mean good. Tennis equipment made from cheap, low-quality material is more likely to break sooner. Instead, invest in quality equipment at the beginning that will last you and other players longer.

Finding the right tennis court equipment and materials can sometimes be a struggle, but choosing the right materials to start can improve your court in the long-run.

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