The Basics of Soccer are Vital to Success in the Sport

Youth soccer tournaments

Sports are a great way to get your children active and on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Any sport will have them running, jumping, and feeling energetic, but soccer could be one of the most versatile ones to place your children in.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and globally, about 250 million people play the sport. When you sign them up for summer soccer camps and youth soccer leagues, they will be able to learn soccer skills while interacting with other children, and get a full workout by running up and down the soccer pitch, or field.

Here are some of basic soccer skills they will learn first.

  • Dribbling. In basketball, dribbling means that players bounce the ball from their hands to the floor, but in soccer, touching the ball is a no-no. Instead, the ball must be skillfully tossed between your feet as you either defend your team’s goal, or try to score one on the opposing team. As children continue to learn soccer moves, they will also pick up how to dribble the ball with every part of the foot, making it harder for defenders to snatch the ball away.
  • Passing. This skill promotes teamwork, as children have to learn how to give up the ball to a teammate when he or she is open. The most common way to pass the ball is to use the inside of the foot, as it allows for maximum control over the movement and aim of the ball. It is also possible to pass with the outside of the foot or the toes, but this is not ideal. As players’ skills advance, they are able to essentially thread the needle, and pass a ball perfectly in a high amount of traffic.
  • Shooting. Shooting the ball into the goal requires a certain degree of skill in handling the ball, but it is still an achievable goal for children with a basic skill level. Similar to passing the ball, the inside of the foot is the best way to take an accurate shot at the goal, as it helps direct the ball properly, and allows for the greatest amount of force.

These are only a few of the most basic skills that children learn at summer soccer camps, leagues, and on school teams. As they build on these fundamentals, they will continue to add more soccer moves to their repertoire. Read more about this topic at this link:

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