The Many Benefits of Fish Attractors

Root wad attractor

While over-development has impacted the United States in a number of ways, one of the most significant changes has been the loss of natural habitats, such as lakes, rivers, and swamps. This has not only changed the face of the land itself, but has also caused the disappearance of native species of fish and other wildlife. This is not only deleterious to local ecosystems, but also to local fishermen and sportsmen: because the land’s fish and game are gradually dying out, entire ways of life could easily be lost. Accordingly, many public and private estuaries are now investing in fish attractors, ensuring that native species flourish and traditions remain intact.

“But what is a fish attractor?” You may ask. Fish attractor are natural or artificial fish habitat structures which mimic a waterway’s natural conditions. By providing the natural cover and structure that draw fish, as well as the insects, crustaceans and minnows they use as a food source, dwindling populations can be restored. This is particularly beneficial for fisherman, who can depend on finding fish around these structures.

Because of the numerous benefits of fish attractors, a number of private property owners and public parks have created their own to help encourage local species. For example, fisheries and biologists around West Virgina’s East Lynn Lake recently cut down a number of hardwood trees, which they then dropped into the lake, creating a prime habitat the area currently lacks. In the past, the biologists say they have tried to use recycled Christmas trees, but found that these trees decayed relatively quickly. In contrast, the hardwoods offer a great amount of artificial habitat and will also last longer than previous ventures. However, this project has still experienced difficulty: the biologists had to receive approval to cut down the hardwoods and also secure them in certain areas. A number of concerns about boater safety have also been raised.

For this reason, a number of people interested in adding a fish attractor to a body of water are now using artificial structures, which last much longer and can be customized to meet an area’s needs, as well as keep boaters safe. If you are considering using a fish attractor, this option is likely right for you. Contact a company that specializes in building these structures today to discuss your questions, whether you’re still wondering “what is a fish attractor?” or are curious about other details. Find more:

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