Three Types of Functional Sports Flooring

Commercial rubber flooring

In any athletic facility, the owners go to great lengths to make sure that the entire building is fitted with the best equipment and accessories for all athletes and visitors.

Other than purchasing high quality machinery, weights, and brand new gear, the right indoor sports surfaces can also make a difference.

Here are some of the indoor sports surfaces that are popular in gyms.

  1. Synthetic Rubber Flooring.Rubber floors are fairly common in most gyms and athletic facilities. The reason for this is that they are highly durable, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Within a weight room or a circuit room, there are several people that come and go on a daily basis, and cleaning rubber flooring doesn’t involve too much work.
  2. Hardwood. Depending on the gym, there could also be a basketball court, or an area for children to bounce balls and play athletic games. In this case, hardwood would be the way to go. These floors are relatively easy to clean, but scuffs and other scratches do appear quickly, and these are usually permanent. Maintenance for these floors is typically costly as well.
  3. Vinyl. This type of synthetic sports flooring is great for a multitude of sporting events. It can be used for basketball, volleyball, and other activities, especially a shock absorbent vinyl. Most schools have vinyl flooring in their gyms because it is much cheaper, and also easier to maintain or replace.
  4. With the right flooring, any sport facility can be safe, functional, and useful for all athletes. Continue reading here. Continue reading here.

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