A Few Fun Facts About Wild Horses You May Not Know

Corolla wild horse tours

If you are looking for an adventure that you may never have considered before, try looking up wild horse tours in a location near you.

These tours are designed to give you an idea of the natural habitat of wild Spanish mustangs and other horses that roam the expansive fields of the country. One of the most popular locations to see these horses is North Carolina, where you can learn about the history of the horses, and everything you ever wanted to know.

Here are a few fun facts about wild horses that will get you started.

  • Stronger Legs. The physiological make-up of domestic horse is quite different than wild horses. These horses often have much stronger legs than horses that can be found in a barn or stable, and their hooves are also tougher. This is helpful, as is makes galloping across a wide variety of terrain much easier.
  • Herd Mentality. One of the other facts about wild mustangs that is fascinating is that they travel in a herd. The herd is made up of a group of female horses and their young, as well as one adult male stallion. They remain in this herd for protective reasons, mainly to have a better shot at defeating a predator. The male usually rounds up the herd in the back to alert them of any danger.
  • Extinction.You may think that the number of horses you see on your tour is incredible, but you may not realize that these are only a handful of the amount that used to roam North America. Research shows that about a century ago, there were more than two million wild horses around, and now, there are roughly 30,000.

Along with several more facts about wild horses, and an exquisite view of these creatures in their natural habitat, you will be able to ask tour experts important questions about the disappearance of so many of these horses. These tours will make for a thrilling, informative visit, and you will learn about the wild horses in North Carolina and around the country. Helpful sites.

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