What Can You Do in the Grand Canyon? 3 Fun Adventures

Colorado river rafting adventure

Did you know that the Grand Canyon is actually not the world?s longest or deepest gorge — it?s simply one of the best known (and arguably, most beautiful)? On average, the canyon is about a mile deep, and overall it winds around various rock formations for about 277 miles.

If exploring the Grand Canyon area is part of your bucket list, stop putting it off. 2016 is a great year to make a trip to Colorado and make memories (and photos!) that will last a lifetime.

If you?re going on a trip, what sort of activities should you look out for? Here are a few ideas.

Colorado River Expedition: Kayaking

About 12.5 million people kayak in the U.S. every year — but how many people can say they have kayaked in the Grand Canyon? The views are breathtaking, and for the most part, the waters aren?t too difficult to maneuver in. There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to planning out your trip. There are numerous tour guides that will be happy to help with a Colorado river expedition by kayak. If you are a more experienced kayaker, then you might want to organize a trip by yourself. Just make sure you are adequately prepared for the average daily conditions you?ll encounter. It can get hot out there!

Colorado River Rafting Trips

Do you have a taste for mild danger? Then white water rafting might be more up your alley — and there is ample opportunity for this along the Grand Canyon. About 28% of Americans say they?d like to try out white water rafting — or they have already — and this is a great place to experience it for a first time (or a tenth time!). No matter what your experience level, there are guides available who can help make sure you have a great –and ultimately safe — experience rafting down one of the world?s most iconic rivers.

Day Hiking

Not surprisingly, this is a very exciting area to go hiking! When you?re hiking into the canyon or if you?re staying on paved trails, you do not need a permit. The Park Service recommends that you should not attempt to hike from the rim of the canyon to the river and back in a day — every year, this results in numerous Grand Canyon rescues and even some hospital trips. Save everyone the trouble and plan your trip realistically.

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