All About Custom Tactical Knives And Tomahawks

Tomahawk costs

Most people are familiar with the term “tomahawk” but are perhaps unfamiliar with exactly what one is. A tomahawk, often referred to as just a “hawk” is special kind of axe from North America traditionally resembling a hatchet with a straight shaft. The name “tomahawk” came into the English language during the 17th century as an adaption of the Powhatan word.

Though many people view tomahawks and small tactical knives as weapons, they are actually versatile, multipurpose tools that many use and rely on in various situations, such as hunting, fishing, camping, or a subsistence lifestyle. In fact, hand forged tomahawks were general purpose tools used by early Native Americans and later by European colonials.

Tomahawks and small tactical knives are utilized for many purposes today just as they were in centuries past. For example, the tomahawk is has gained respect from various members of specialized, tactical law enforcement units such as SWAT teams. Tactical tomahawks are constructed from drop forged, heat trained alloy steel. Differential heat treatments allows for chopping portion of the tomahawk and the spike to be harder than the middle section, which is conducive to better shock absorption.

Custom designed and hand crafted weapons such as tomahawks and small tactical knives are truly exquisite pieces that can be used for a variety of purposes and enjoyed by many.

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