Why Rubber Floors Smell Like That and Why They Need to Be Cleaned

Rubber running track surface

There is a really familiar smell about gymnasiums, tracks, indoor sports surfaces, and the gym in the local retail plaza. It can be hard to put your finger on, but we all know that distinctive permeating smell that transport us back to high school gym class (and glory or failure) in just one whiff. It’s rubber. Maybe you never thought of exactly what that smell is, but it’s the rubber flooring. They’re durable and have great for traction to prevent slipping, and provide a softer surface to land on while running and jumping which is probably better for your joints, but what is really troubling about athletic rubber flooring is the bacteria and smell that it harbors in its porous surface.
The other familiar smell that you find in areas with athletic rubber flooring is the really unpleasant and pungent scent of sweat and whatever bacteria thrive in a moist area with bits of skin, dirt, and sweat. This is why cleaning athletic rubber flooring is so important. Surfaces that are used frequently and in such a way that peoples’ bodies come into contact with it need to be well maintained for sanitation reasons as well. When people get off of exercise equipment, it gets cleaned off, but you can’t exactly wipe rubber athletic flooring clean.
Clean rubber flooring not only smells better and is more sanitary, but it looks better too. Synthetic rubber flooring can become scuffed, soiled, and oily after use, which is unsightly and a bad representation of your school or gym. Cleaning rubber floors is not the same as cleaning other types of floors, but they probably need it more often. Clean floors look better, smell better, and are more sanitary, so you should find the best cleaning solutions for your rubber floor. Continue.

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