Interested in the Tennis and Squash Community in Your Area? Here’s How You Can Get Involved and Get Active

Are you thinking of playing tennis or squash in your city? There’s nothing quite like playing a racquet sport, and these activities are both prestigious and accessible in many areas. The reasons to join in the fun of tennis and squash are numerous, and they include the benefits of good cardiovascular health and improved self…

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Don’t Get Caught in the Wilderness with Your Pants Down! Three Tips for Successful Cabin Life

Did you know that, according to the American Camping Association, upwards of 43 million Americans go camping each and every year? Camping affords us the opportunity to reconnect with nature, to disconnect from the noise of our daily lives, and, if only for a day or two, replace the daily stress that we typically inhale…

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All About Custom Tactical Knives And Tomahawks

Most people are familiar with the term “tomahawk” but are perhaps unfamiliar with exactly what one is. A tomahawk, often referred to as just a “hawk” is special kind of axe from North America traditionally resembling a hatchet with a straight shaft. The name “tomahawk” came into the English language during the 17th century as…

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Why Rubber Floors Smell Like That and Why They Need to Be Cleaned

There is a really familiar smell about gymnasiums, tracks, indoor sports surfaces, and the gym in the local retail plaza. It can be hard to put your finger on, but we all know that distinctive permeating smell that transport us back to high school gym class (and glory or failure) in just one whiff. It’s…

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Three Types of Functional Sports Flooring

In any athletic facility, the owners go to great lengths to make sure that the entire building is fitted with the best equipment and accessories for all athletes and visitors. Other than purchasing high quality machinery, weights, and brand new gear, the right indoor sports surfaces can also make a difference. Here are some of…

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